Friday, February 19, 2010

C and P Records

C and P Records
Country & Popular Records

2311 Gentry
Houston, TX

Owner : Ed Williams

Publishing Company : Rolling Hills BMI

101 The Bishops with The High Type Five
Baby (Earnest Nieto) 2:50
Last Night I Dreamed (Earnest Nieto) 2 :49
102 Clarence Green with The High Type Five
Old Grandpa (ACA-3738) /
Mary, My Darling (ACA-3739)
103 Piano Slim
Lot Of Shakin', Lot Of Jivin' (Willard Burton) ACA-3787
Key Jammer (ACA-3788)
104 The Vaughn Family (Bb 1 june 59)
Heavenly Chimes (Ralph Raper, Raper Music ASCAP) 2 :26
Tell Me Mommie (Rolling Hills BMI)
105 Billy Carr & High Type Five
New Orleans
No# Willard Burton
My Darling, My Darling (ACA-3892)
Pat Your Rock (ACA-3893)
? - Bobbie And Robbie & High Type Five
Love My Baby (B.Vaughn, Rolling Hills)
Mercy Mercy Me (E.Williams, Rolling Hills)


The Bishops : they were Bishops on Bridges, Teardrop (latino soul), Lute, Capitol and Ralston, all different groups, I presume.

Clarence Green : this is his first record, also released by Chess Records. Clarence Green, guitarist and blues vocalist was born 1937 in Houston, recorded prolifically on local Texas labels : Bright Star, All Boy, Shomar, Lynn, Duke/Peacock, Master, Rhythmaires, Pope, Golden Eagle and Aquarius (in no peticuliar order).

Piano Slim (r.n. William Burton) : this is also a first record. As Piano Slim or William Burton or Ward Burton, he had records on Dart, Myrl, Peacock, United, Special Edition, Jet Stream, Genie, Master, Paradise, Panther and Capitol (again in no peticuliar order).

The Vaughn Family had previously recorded for Sarg Records.
The only C and P record reviewed in Billboard :
Heavenly Chimes : Melodic and with a lilting quality in this sacred side.
Tell Me Mommie : The kiddie asks mommie why tears are in her eyes, the lyric explains that daddy has gone to heaven, where he will be seen some day. A weaper in the traditional style.

Billy Carr
is the subject of my current research, still in progress. More later, hopefully.

Bobbie And Robbie & High Type Five : I suspect that Bobbie and Robbie were part of the Vaughn Family (see above).

Some C and P sides


This is a part of a research project on Butch/Buddy White (now extended to Billy Carr)


  1. Any idea if it's possible to get a copy of "Last Night I Dreamed" anymore? Rick (

  2. Shouldn't the Piano Slim (103) ACA numbers be 3767/3768, as on the label of the bootleg?

  3. In the ACA Master Book Robbie & Bobbie are listed as the artists for the titles on C And P 104 (Vaughn Family), ACA 3784/3783, master date 6 April 1959.